These are people who had lived on American soil since before Europeans arrived. They were Guest Posting and helped the first settlers navigate the new land. They would have expected to be rewarded for their efforts, wouldn’t they?

They have been quietly and slowly killed over the centuries, with their ancestral lands being taken away without a word of regret. This is very sad, especially considering their culture’s importance and closeness to the natural world. We need this more than ever in the 21st century.

This last point has made Native American culture appealing to the broader globe. You can’t help but see them as mystic shamans and trained eagles. This is also true in many ways, as Native Americans have a stronger connection to the world.

This is also something that works well in an online slot. Many developers have used Native American culture as inspiration over the years. Take Eyecon’s online casino slot, Shamans Dream, for example. This game was inspired directly by the worlds of shamans & eagles and received many positive reviews after its release.

Although the five reels and 25 payline slot might seem very standard from the outside, we can assure you that it is anything but. For a complete overview of Shaman’s Dream, read on.

The Shaman’s Dream and its aesthetic

Native American culture is a beautiful theme to have in an online slot. Developers need to make sure they do it right. Eyecon has done a great job with Shaman’s Dream. It is one of our favorite online slots. You could frame it and hang it on your living-room wall. Shaman’s Dream features a stunning background, a mysterious red sky, and a breathtaking sunset. The reels are located towards the top of the screen on the dark, shadowy ground. Eyecon added a nice touch by making the spins match the color scheme. They are also transparent, so you can see the sunset behind them, even while playing Shaman’s Dream.

It would be a shame if Eyecon did not match the beautiful aesthetic of Shaman’s Dream with the symbols available. Still, thankfully enough, the Australian developer has done everything possible to ensure that these symbols are as stunning as the background. Gamblers will find symbols such as dream catchers, wolves, swords, and majestic Eagles on the reels. This point makes this slot as immersive as possible. The low-paying icons are made up of playing card symbols, but we can ignore this as the overall aesthetic is fantastic. Eyecon also used a beautiful pan flute soundtrack to Shaman’s Dream, which made it even more immersive.

About Shaman’s Dream, it’s a mechanic and game mechanic

Shaman’s Dream is a similar online slot to many others on the market today. It uses the same five reel, 25 pay line system we all love and looks like other online slots. It is equally appropriate for both beginners and advanced players. This is why it has remained so popular. Eyecon has allowed us flexibility by choosing how many pay lines we want before each spin.

This RTP is a respectable 95.44%. While this may not be the highest in the slot industry, it will look almost as good when you start to see the fantastic bonus features of Shaman’s Dream.

About Shaman’s Dream and its bonus features

Eyecon is an Australian developer. Anyone who knows them will be familiar with their bonus features. Shaman’s Dream is no exception. Let’s begin with the wolf icon. This icon is the game’s wild symbol. It can substitute any other icons beside the scatter to create winning combinations. Although this icon does not have multipliers, it is still one of the most lucrative in the game. So if you see a wolf on your reels, you will be happy.

The scatter symbol is located elsewhere and is composed of a dedicated scatter icon. Gamblers can get up to 15 free spins with the bonus of a dedicated scatter icon. All wins are tripled. Eyecon has also added a gamble option that allows you to risk everything for the chance of quadrupling your bet. However, you might lose everything.

Eyecon and other slot machines by them

Eyecon has been an online casino operator, along with other companies like Microgaming. They have, therefore, a lot of experience. Their extensive back-catalog proves this fact. Check out games like:

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  • Fae Legend Warrior
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Shaman’s Dream: The verdict

This is one of our favorite online slots, and it’s also a fantastic play! High marks. You can have fun, no matter what your preference is. This machine is limited to the US, but you’ll find many hours of fun gameplay with it.

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