This hippy-themed slot machine from Microgaming is the perfect way to relax. This game is three reels and three paylines slot machines. Players can choose from various symbols straight out of 1970s peace demonstrations.

The game is not bursting with bonus features, but it does have a wild symbol to help you create those winning combinations. This game is full of color and has a high payout potential, with a jackpot of 25,000 credits.

Groovy Spins

Flower Power, a Microgaming slot machine, pays homage to the hippy civilization of the 1960s and 70s. The game features a variety of bright colors, as well as some of the symbols that were associated with counterculture movements at the time. On the reels are floral symbols that represent harmony in nature and peace symbols initially designed as the official logo of the UK nuclear disarmament campaign but now have become a symbol for peace worldwide. The game features icons such as the single BAR, double BAR, and triple BAR to pay homage to the slot machine tradition.

Retro in More Ways Than One

You might not be impressed by the retro-styled visuals of the game if you’re used to the 3D graphics of video slots. Could you imagine a hippy-themed slot machine that used explosive animations and characters with extravagant designs? On the other hand, Flower Power stays true to its source by using the same two-dimensional, DIY craft style as protest banners. There are also plenty of flowery designs, crazy fonts, and psychedelic colors to bring players back to those groovy days of the past.


This game is easy to play and allows you to place small or large bets. Each spin can be played with 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, or 5.00 credits. It may not seem like much, but players can place 1, 2, or even three coins on each spin. This means that they could bet up to 15 credits.

It may be more expensive to play the game with three coins, but you might find it worth placing higher bets because three coins activate all three paylines. Playing with one cash and two coins will activate only two paylines. With three coins as a bet and three paylines active, players can win a jackpot slightly higher than when there are fewer paylines. When three “Flower Power’ logos line up, players who use one payline receive a 1,500x multiplication prize. Players with two paylines win a prize of 3,000x, and those with three paylines get 5,000x.

Flower Power’s other icons have the same prizes regardless of whether or not there are active paylines and coins. The paytable, which appears next to the reels on the game’s main screen, will show you the potential multipliers. You can also check out the replica version below.

Wild Wins

Flower Power may have a few exciting bonus rounds or fancy bonus games. The game does not lack any gameplay features. The game logo is employed as a wild symbol. This wild symbol can be used to complete winning combinations on any payline.

Play Spins, Not War

This slot machine will appeal to those who love the 1970s. The game has three reels, three paylines and is easy to learn. However, it does offer a handy little wild icon bonus that will give players a helping hand in their quest to win 5,000x in the jackpot.

Flying Ace Slots

This retro slot has an aviation theme. Microgaming’s title features three reels and five paylines. This gives players a lot of chances to create a winning combination.

This game will appeal to both novices and experienced slot pilots. It offers a combination of betting options with an ultimate jackpot worth 30,000 credits for the most daring players. This game is not for adrenaline junkies. It has a few unique features. The only exception to this is the wild symbol, which can help complete winning lines.

The sky is the limit.

It takes a certain amount of madness to become a pilot. There’s nothing unnatural about a person flying through the sky in a tin can at hundreds of miles an hour. The thrill of flying an aircraft is about taking risks, much like the 3-reel Microgaming slot machine. You should play this game if you want to get charged for taking risks. It features symbols related to aviation, such as blonde bombshells atop missiles, an aviator with traditional gear including goggles, leather jackets, and bomber jackets, and a large “A” for “Ace.”

A Vintage Game

This slot machine will keep you from blowing away in terms of visuals. The game has been designed in an outdated style with two-dimensional cartoons and no unique animations other than the spinning reels. The game has a retro feel, with many blue, white, and red colors that mimic the traditional target symbol. The color scheme gives the slot machine an almost patriotic feeling, mimicking the Union Jack’s colors (or the Stars and Stripes on the other side!).

Are You a Spinning Ace?

A Flying Ace is a fighter praised for his courage in battle. You could be a spinning Ace and win 30,000 credits if you place 25 credits as the total wager per spin. This total stake is calculated by a line wager of 5.00 credits, with all five paylines activated. However, players can limit their losses with fewer paylines and lower-line bets, such as 0.25 or 0.50 credits.

If you want to maximize your jackpot, it’s worth playing all five paylines. This will give you a multiplier of up to 6,000x each time three pilot characters match. If you play only with 4, 3, 2, or 1 paylines, the jackpot prize will be worth 4,000x, 3,000x, 2,000x, and 1,000x.

Flying Ace pays the same multiplier for the line bet regardless of the number of active lines. In the paytable, you can view these potential payouts along with their winning combinations:

Retro slot machines are a great way to give slot machine fans some spinning action. Even the most experienced pilots will need a rest every so often, so airplanes have an autopilot. The same is valid for spinning aces. This game has an “Autoplay” feature that allows spinners to relax and not miss a winning chance.

A Little Bonus Boost

Flying Ace is full of spinning action fueled by adrenaline, thanks to its maximum total bet. However, it lacks the adrenaline of big-win bonus games. The Microgaming slot will help players complete the most crucial win sequences by providing a wild symbol. This wild icon, a pilot character, will replace all other symbols to give the best possible payout on the triggered paylines.

Ace Slot Machine

There are many 3-reel slots out there that wait to be found. Flying Ace by Microgaming is a slot machine that stands out with a retro arcade feel but a unique aviation theme. The game suggests plenty of chances to win, especially since players can unlock the 6,000x jackpot using five paylines.