While going through the game of pokies everybody is in wait for the round of jackpot which gives the heavy return compared to any of the round. And if you get the game whose name itself based on the wait then this would be the best one for them. In the same way when I was searching for the online pokies I found Jesters Jackpot the most promising and much easy to make start with many rewards. This game had been designed by the microgaming with few reels and certain lines of pay.

There are many reasons for the popularity of this one such as there is the chance of maximum bonus, the extra feature of three dimensional graphics; it does not require much concentration compared to any other which I am known about. Theme of this one is very simple and refreshing one based on the imagination and the jester of the court. The characters of the game are very funny with multi-color wearing hat with some bells who is heading towards the symbols of letters.

Winning is being decided upon the combination of the symbols and this is featured with three reels, single lines of pay and the betting of the coins which may vary from one, two or three per spins and the coins can be set from the range of $0.25 to $5 on each one. The biggest reward of this pokie machine comes by making the combinations of the wild symbols which is the symbols of the hat in the active slots concurrently. The interface of this one is full of many wild scattered symbols and the background sound which is used in this one will not allow moving out from its world. With some of the fortune and following some strategy will let to get many prizes and gifts which will compel you to visit again and again.

Gets the Worm Slot Machine

A worm is not a cute creature. Of all the subterranean crawlies, the Worm is one of the least lovable – and that is saying something. The work done by Eyecon in creating ‘Gets the Worm,’ their latest release, is invaluable for the reputation of the worms around the world.

It’s not a worm, but a bird that hunts worms! We can’t help but feel some compassion for the little guys.

Gets the Worm is a great way to promote worms, as it’s a very accessible and approachable game. Who would have ever thought this was viable??

Underground Theme

Gets the Worm takes its name from an old declaring that the early bird gets the Worm. It also has a theme that is almost as archaic. This game is set in an old-fashioned farmyard, which is the habitat of earthworms. It isn’t trying to be better than anyone else.

The five reels feature some simple graphics based on typical country themes. The pictures could be better, but the bright colors and features, such as a birdhouse or sunflower, certainly lift the mood. The setting is one of open fields and freedom. This is conducive to players being able to let go and raise the stakes sometimes.

The Swarm of Opportunity

Gets the Worm has five reels. This game is a must-have for players who need more experience in video slot consoles, as it has 25 pay lines spread across the reels.

The player must match certain combinations to get the console to pay out. Some symbols have higher values, while others are scattered and Wild symbols. In this circumstance, the Wild symbol is the logo of the game. They are matching five consecutively on an active payline, resulting in the player winning the maximum jackpot of 20,000 credits. Scatter is the adorable Worm. You will be awarded several free spins if you line up this little guy three times or more on a single payline. The more worms you land on the reels, the greater the number.

Gets the Worm also offers a gamble feature at each round’s end. This allows players to instantly double their earnings – up to 5 times in a row. This feature is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s ordinary in video slots of this caliber and adds an extra element of excitement.

Adding the interface does little to differentiate it from the competition. However, it does highlight the type of game the Eyecon team set out to create: one that attracts true gamblers.

Do the Worm

After thoroughly playing this game, you likely come to a split conclusion. The fork has two sides. The first side leads to the conclusion this game could be more progressive. It could be more innovative and new. It’s as if the developers deliberately avoided the new school when creating it.

You will learn that you require to care about the second aspect. It is still a fun game, regardless of the effort it takes to bring something new to slots gaming. That is itself commendable.

It can be overemphasized that a slot’s ability to change things is essential. This can distract from what is considered the most critical aspect of a slot game – its ability to attract fans. This game has it in spades.