Hot air balloons and the air gliders have always been my fantasy but unfortunately I never got the chance to get a ride over one yet. But last week my elder cousin returned from the base, actually he is a soldier and he promised that he is going to arrange a personal glider and balloon ride for me on my 19th birthday. That was the major why I was pretty excited for this birthday of mine comparatively to others.

When he came, he told me that he had arranged a flight Sydney to Melbourne by the glider and then a short round of the city with the helium balloon. And when the day arrived we get over the airship for my dream ride, when we ascend with a constant rate on certain height he gave me the control of the machine for some time. When we got there we had so much on the balloon ride too. After my brother brought me to the famous hotel of Melbourne, the hotel has also got the section of casino and gambling stuff. At first he hesitated to bring me there, but it was my birthday so I managed to make him ok with me going there.

As we got there , he bring me to this slot machine called the hot air slot, actually he was making sure that the fun continues with the same theme. It is a five reel online slot from the king of gaming industry Microgaming, Truly based on the hot air balloon theme with all the stuff like Plane, Hamper Bird and the telescope man. And the scatter symbol was the pilot set in the background of blue sky. The graphics and interface of it were quite simple to be understood by the beginner. And eventually it became the best birthday of mine ever.